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Guitars: Acoustic or Electric
Which should I choose?

The question as to whether an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar is better is a matter of personal preference and the style of music being played. There are actually two types of non electric guitar, acoustic guitars and classical guitars. Acoustic guitars have steel strings and classical guitars have nylon strings. If you are thinking of a guitar for a beginner, here are a few ideas for you to consider:

  • Electric guitars need an amplifier in order to be heard, so dont forget the extra cost in your budget. A 10W or 15W will be OK for practise.
  • Acoustic and classical guitars have a bigger body than electric guitars. This can be hard for kids to reach around. Half and 3/4 size instruments can be better.
  • Electric guitars are heavier so young players tire quickly if playing while standing.
  • Electric guitars have a lower string action than acoustic guitars and a narrower neck than classical guitars. This makes the strings easier to reach and press down and requires less finger strength.
  • Classical guitars have nylon strings which are gentle on the fingers.
  • Electric guitars have greater appeal for rock, and may therefore encourage more playing.

Our classes are on weekdays, during the daytime or evening, and on Saturday mornings. So if you are looking for a guitar teacher, please make an online enrolment enquiry or call 0429 943 005 for further information.

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