Sunbury School of Music


How long are the lessons? Generally lessons are 30 minutes for younger students and beginners. Advanced students require an hour lesson weekly in order to cover the syllabus.

How much will it cost? Our current pricing can be obtained by contacting us directly. Enrolments and payments are calculated for a complete term. Higher rates also apply for students undertaking grades 6 to 8 or VCE and those at Diploma level.

Is it necessary to learn music theory? If you wish to take exams above grade 5 level then you will need to have a music theory exam certificate. Otherwise you will need to learn a little theory so that your music all makes sense. We can include this within the standard music lessons.

Should I buy and instrument first? No! If you already have an instrument then that's OK, but if you don't please let us give you a few tips on what to look out for.

What if I can't decide between singing lessons and piano lessons but can't afford both? Simple, come along and try both within the one timeslot.

If you are wondering about instruments, read this:
Keyboard, Digital Piano or real Piano? Which should I choose?
Guitars: Acoustic or Electric? Which should I choose?

What payment methods are available? We accept payment by cash, cheque, direct bank transfer or PayPal.

Our classes are on weekdays, during the daytime or evening, and on Saturday mornings. So if you are looking for a teacher, please make an online enrolment enquiry or call 0497 273 948 for further information.